We would like to invite sponsors and exhibitors to participate in the ESVOT 2021 Congress.

If you are interested in sponsoring or need any additional information, please contact Monica Borghisani for more details:


Platinum Sponsor - € 25.000,00 (+ VAT if applicable)

The Organizing Committee has created the Platinum Package for its major sponsor. The Platinum Package includes the following benefits:

  • Company Logo both on ESVOT 2021 Website and advertising material
  • Sponsorship of two half-day session in the main scientific program
  • Advertising page on the digital book of proceedings (inside cover, inside back cover or back cover)
  • Virtual Booth with high visibility in the exhibitor map including:
    • Logo (big size) on the digital maps
    • Advertising video in looping on the home page of the online platform
    • Welcome page with video or banner plus 3 pages with text, photos and links
    • Flyers in pdf (maximum 15)
    • Video Gallery (maximum 15 videos)
    • Post-event reports with analytics and data

On Wednesday 5 May from 9:40 to 10:10, from 11:40 to 13:00 and from 14:10 to 14:40
and during the Main Congress - Thursday 6, Friday 7 and Saturday 8 May - from 10:00 to 11:00 CET for the opening session, lunch break from 13:00 to 15:00 CET and closing session from 17:00 to 18:00:

  • Videochat 1:1 (maximum 15 per session)
  • Live Zoom meeting with a maximum of 500 attendees


For PLATINUM, GOLD and SILVER sponsors

Main Congress sessions

€ 2.000,00 (+ VAT if applicable)

Sponsored in-Depth sessions 5 May, 2021

The Organizing Committee has planned some sponsored in-depth sessions of 120 minutes each reserved to Platinum, Gold and Silver packages. During the session, the company can present its own program, including speakers of its choice. The Company is in charge of the expenses (honorarium) related to its Invited speaker/s.

€ 2.500,00 (+ VAT if applicable) per session of 120 minutes

For all


€ 2.000,00 (+ VAT if applicable) Opportunity to have high visibility throughout the Virtual poster area.


€ 1.500,00 (+ VAT if applicable) Possibility to put an advertising page in the proceedings. The rate gets along except technical fees, advertising file to be provided by your care. The requests will be handled on a first come, first served basis.

For all the sponsorship packages

A detailed information guide for exhibitors will be sent at due time.

If you are interested in sponsoring or need any additional information, please contact Monica Borghisani for more details:

Monica Borghisani
Monica BorghisaniMarketing Office

  +39 0372 403506